Iron Deficiency – Could this be the reason you have lost your mojo?

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An inadequate amount of iron in your body can absolutely cause you to lose your mojo, and feel lethargic and depressed.

Iron deficiency is alarmingly common, especially during and after pregnancy.  This essential mineral plays an important role in several bodily functions, contributing to our levels of energy, vitality, immunity and mental health.  If you are missing the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eyes, it might be time to head to the doctor for a blood test!

Having a baby places a huge drain on our iron stores, because we have to supply the additional volume of blood that is circulating around our body, plus the needs of the growing baby.  It can take a long time to replenish those stores after giving birth (a few years!).  The trouble is, having a baby comes with a whole range of other challenges and we tend to focus more on what the baby needs (and coping with extreme sleep deprivation!) and less on nurturing our own body as it recovers from the miracle of giving new life. Continue Reading

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